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Serious criminal charges are never welcome. The best way to get ahead of the situation is to retain the most aggressive, tenacious, successful defense representation you can find. In Orange County, the first name that should come to your mind is James M. Crawford.

Criminal Appeals

The fact that you were found guilty in trial court does not mean you have lost all of your rights. You can file an appeal in an attempt to overturn your conviction if you find out that you have received inadequate or incompetent representation or new evidence might have come to light that supports your claims of innocence.

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“HE SAVED MY LIFE! He took all the evidence in my defense, researched my case and typed up a writ… and provided me my freedom. Mr. Crawford is honest, straight-forward and fights for you. I would HIGHLY recommend him.”

Cindy /

Very Satisfied Client

Beo Bairia – 5 stars!
Marta Cuevas – 5 stars!
Amanda Haver – 5 stars!
Punam Gupta – 5 stars!

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Satisfied Clients

The best!

Dean Thomas /

Satisfied Client

“Outstanding in all areas of the law, both State & Federal, Civil & Criminal! 5 stars!”

Teds Cloud /

Satisfied Client

“Mr. Crawford is an incredibly talented criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a passion for doing everything he can for his clients. He works tirelessly to win his cases. I would highly recommend him”

Dinesh Kumar /

Satisfied Client

Mr Crawford was amazing. Great response time for any questions or concerns you have. He is very knowledgeable and told us exactly how he was going to approach the case and got us the result that we wanted. I’m extremely pleased and definitely recommend Mr Crawford. Thank you!”

Anonymous /

Satisfied Client

“James is known as being one of the most ethical attorneys we have ever met, James knows the law, and will always do his best for anyone who obtains his services. And for that, I give James Crawford 5 Stars!”

Anonymous /

Satisfied Client

“I have known Jim for years, he has always shown an extreme willingness to win for his clients. I have witnessed him as a guest speaker and I have seen firsthand his passion to fight for his clients. Hire Jim for the win!!”

Argie N. /

Satisfied Client

“Mr. Crawford is an incredibly talented criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a passion for doing everything he can for his clients. He works tirelessly to win his cases. I would highly recommend him!”

Chris G. /

Satisfied Client

“Best appellate lawyer in California. We were referred to James Crawford to file my appeals by attorney Lorrie Walton. After my trial I ended up spending 18 years in prison for a murder I didn’t commit. If it weren’t for him, I’d still be in prison. Mr. Crawford fought hard to get me out!”

Henry /

Satisfied Client

Our Practice Areas

Federal and White Collar Crimes

In the world of criminal defense, federal court is as serious as it gets. You need equally serious trial advocacy on your side when white collar crime charges such as financial crimes, embezzlement, money laundering or fraud abruptly disrupt your life.

Drug Crimes

For over 25 years, attorney James M. Crawford has successfully argued for the freedom of a wide variety of drug crime defendant clients. His demonstrated proficiency at the investigation, negotiation and litigation phases of the legal process is well-known throughout the region.


Driving is an essential component of life for most Southern Californians. If your driving privileges are threatened by one or more arrests for drunk driving, only the most experienced DUI defense representation can increase your chances for retaining your license or reinstating a suspended or revoked license.

Violent Crimes / Domestic Violence

Violent crime charges can be the result of any number of mistakes — cases of mistaken identity, a person finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, the need for self-defense during an altercation, and “he said, she said” situations, just to name a few.

Murder Or Manslaughter

Murder or manslaughter charges are among the most serious criminal charges a person can face. If you face murder or homicide charges — or even if you have been questioned in relation to a homicide — it is critical to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.


Appeals can be generated for a variety of reasons. Clients who are discouraged by a prior trial outcome may find out that they received inadequate or incompetent representation. Judicial error may have played a role. New evidence may have come to light that supports a defendant’s claims of innocence.

Habeas Corpus Petitions

Under federal law and rules of the Constitution of California, any person who believes he or she is wrongfully imprisoned or otherwise detained can petition to challenge their imprisonment. Depending upon the situation, this may be done through an appeal of a conviction, a writ of habeas corpus or a wrongful imprisonment civil lawsuit.

Juvenile Crimes

Has a minor criminal offense put your teenager’s freedom and academic standing at risk? Has a serious felony charge placed him or her in a position of perhaps being tried as an adult? The juvenile crimes defense lawyer you can trust with your child’s future is James M. Crawford, at the Law Offices of James M. Crawford in Orange, California.

Additional Criminal Defense & Appeals Services

In addition to the practice areas detailed above, the Law Office of James M Crawford can defend your rights when you’re faced with felony or misdemeanor charges including illegal weapons possession, sex crimes, theft crimes (burglary, forgery, petty theft, auto theft, and grand theft), shoplifting, assault, and battery.

We've Got Your Back

Vigor And Versatility In The Practice Of Criminal Law

James Crawford’s varied menu of effective criminal defense legal services runs the gamut of financial, drug, violent and juvenile crimes, and many more. Whatever your legal issue, you reap the benefits of our firm’s trademark case preparation and aggressiveness at trial.

Are Your Livelihood and Liberties at Risk after a Criminal Arrest?

The skilled criminal defense and criminal appeals attorney you want on your side is James M. Crawford, in Southern California. From delinquency courts to federal trials and more than 600 appeals handled since 1994, the Law Offices of James M. Crawford has an unrivaled commitment to excellence and a reputation for presenting a winning defense and appeals.

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In The News

Corona Man Found Innocent Of Murdering Toddler

In 2012, Mark was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s 17-month-old toddler and sentenced to 25 years to life. James M. Crawford led the appeal and obtained a complete exoneration for his client, freeing him from prison after nearly a decade behind bars.

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