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Rating for Criminal Defense Attorney
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Client Testimonials

“I was referred to Mr. Crawford through a very reputable lawyer and let me sum everything in one statement…HE SAVED MY LIFE! I had hired two lawyers prior to Mr. Crawford and all I did was time. Even providing these lawyers with evidence and facts to support my case, those lawyers never used them in my defense. After I had finished my sentencing term here in California, another state extradited me and I was facing 3-6 years sentencing for owning registered weapons and recently becoming a felon. I had to appeal my case, but it was too late. That’s when I met Mr. Crawford. He took all the evidence in my defense, researched my case and typed up a writ, which can somewhat be considered a late appeal to my charges in California. The writ went all the way up to the Supreme Court, but the filed documents and the information he provided were used in court out of state and provided me my freedom. Mr. Crawford is honest, straight-forward and fights for you. He believed in my defense. His professionalism and expertise shows in his work and presentation of his skills. I am thankful to have Mr.Crawford as my lawyer and would HIGHLY recommend him for anyone that is in dire need of a truly trustworthy lawyer.”

Cindy /

Very Satisfied Client

The best!

Dean Thomas /

Satisfied Client

“Outstanding in all areas of the law, both State & Federal, Civil & Criminal! 5 stars!”

Teds Cloud /

Satisfied Client

Mr Crawford was amazing. Great response time for any questions or concerns you have. He is very knowledgeable and told us exactly how he was going to approach the case and got us the result that we wanted. I’m extremely pleased and definitely recommend Mr Crawford. Thank you!”

Anonymous /

Satisfied Client

“Mr. Crawford is an incredibly talented criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a passion for doing everything he can for his clients. He works tirelessly to win his cases. I would highly recommend him”

Dinesh Kumar /

Satisfied Client

“I was wrongfully convicted of a violent felony. In total despair, I had given up all hope. Then my cousin told me about James M. Crawford. He helped me file an appeal and won the case! He saved my hide. This guy is something else in the courtroom. He stood his ground and fought for me. He really cared, and now I’m a free man – rightfully so. Thank you, Mr. Crawford!”

Tim /

Satisfied Client

“I know that for a fact Mr. Crawford is one of the best attorneys I have ever come across. My son was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 15 years. Mr. Crawford got him out. He did a great job and went beyond the call of duty. I am forever grateful.”

Tricia Salgado /

Satisfied Client

“Do not feel I could have found a better lawyer in California. Jim worked hard and got Felony DUI charges for DUI on Prescription Drugs reduced to an infraction. Other lawyers commented in court that they were astounded with what he did.”

Jeff /

Satisfied Client

“Better than anticipated results. Went in only hoping to avoid some aggravating circumstances on my charges, ended up having the charges dismissed altogether. Can’t beat that!”

Anonymous /

Satisfied Client

“Best appellate lawyer in California. We were referred to James Crawford to file my appeals by attorney Lorrie Walton. After my trial I ended up spending 18 years in prison for a murder I didn’t commit. If it weren’t for him, I’d still be in prison. Mr. Crawford fought hard to get me out!”

Henry /

Satisfied Client

“Mr. Crawford is an incredibly talented criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a passion for doing everything he can for his clients. He works tirelessly to win his cases. I would highly recommend him!”

Chris G. /

Satisfied Client

“I have known Jim for years, he has always shown an extreme willingness to win for his clients. I have witnessed him as a guest speaker and I have seen firsthand his passion to fight for his clients. Hire Jim for the win!!”

Argie N. /

Satisfied Client

“James is known as being one of the most ethical attorneys we have ever met, James knows the law, and will always do his best for anyone who obtains his services. And for that, I give James Crawford 5 Stars!”

Anonymous /

Satisfied Client

Beo Bairia – 5 stars!
Marta Cuevas – 5 stars!
Amanda Haver – 5 stars!
Punam Gupta – 5 stars!

5 Star Ratings /

Satisfied Clients

Lawyer Recommendations

James is an excellent lawyer, a tireless and knowledgeable advocate for his clients, a nice person to deal with. You can trust his word and rely on him.”

​Hieu Vu

​Hieu Vu /

Southern California Lawyer

“I endorse James. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”

Michael Waddington

Michael Waddington /

Southern California Lawyer

“I have found over the course of many years working with James Crawford, in my professional opinion, as one of the smartest attorneys I have collaborated with.  In the court room, he clearly provides a “bare-knuckled” defense for every one of his clients.

I highly recommend the Law Offices of James Crawford should anyone have the misfortune of having to deal with the judicial system.”

Larry W. /

Southern California Lawyer

“I endorse this lawyer’s work without any reservation whatsoever. Jim is absolutely one of the best lawyers in Southern California. He has a great work ethic and is very knowledgeable in the law and in practice. If I were charged with a crime (however unlikely), this is who I would hire.”

Richard Ackerman /

Criminal defense Attorney