6 More Key Criminal Defense Strategies

In our previous post, we explained 6 key strategies that an experienced criminal defense attorney may use to help represent you in court and defend your rights. Here are 6 more strategies that can also be very effective.

  1. Arguing lack of probable cause: If the police did not have probable cause to arrest you, we may be able to argue that the charges should be dismissed.
  2. Claiming self-defense or defense of others: If you acted in self-defense or to defend others, we may be able to argue that your actions were justified and that you should not be found guilty.
  3. Raising issues with witness testimony: If the prosecution’s case relies heavily on witness testimony, we may try to challenge the credibility of the witnesses or raise doubts about their recollection of events.
  4. Seeking to exclude evidence: If the prosecution’s case relies on evidence that was obtained illegally or in violation of your constitutional rights, we may seek to have that evidence excluded from the trial.
  5. Seeking a mistrial: If something occurs during the trial that makes it impossible for you to receive a fair trial, we may seek a mistrial.
  6. Appealing the verdict: If you come to our firm after having previously been found guilty, we may be able to appeal the verdict to a higher court. This could be done if there were errors made during the trial or if we believe that the verdict was not supported by the evidence.

Please contact us to discuss your case, the strategies above, and how we might help you.